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Quilts in Cae Hir - a  virtual  exhibition

In lieu of our 2021 'Quilts in Cae Hir' we have put together a 'Virtual Exhibition': a collection of photos from previous exhibitions...

A few points to note:

  • In our first 2 exhibitions we hung the quilts in plastic bags in case of rain - a simple explanation for any photos with quilts in bags! (It turned out this was not particularly successful as the bags steamed up meaning the quilts got wet anyway and nobody could see them! It was decided fresh air and a breeze would be a far better way of dealing with wet quilts.)

  • The numbers on the quilts correspond with numbers in the events guidebook for that year, so can be ignored here!

  • Some years had a theme, others didn't. From 2018 onwards we decided to hold 2 competitions within the exhibition - an Open Competition where anything goes, and a Themed Competition with quilts no larger than 2' by 2', made to a specified theme.

  • Our first exhibition was in 2012 and had no theme. 2013 was themed 'The Netherlands'. 2014 had no theme. 2015 had no theme although a separate competition was held within the event by the Quilters Guild with the theme 'Memories'. 2016 was themed 'The Planets'. 2017 had no theme. 2018 had the Open Competition and the Themed Competition 'The Sea'. 2019 had the Open Competition and the Themed Competition 'Celebration'. 


Quilts in Cae Hir is a fun, relaxed exhibition, judged by visitors to the event; no experts, no harsh criticism, and suitable for novice and experienced quilters alike!

Thank you for  visiting our virtual exhibition...

...we hope to see you in person at our 2022 'Quilts in Cae Hir'. Fingers crossed!

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