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Quilts in Cae Hir

Wales' stunning annual outdoor quilts exhibition

We have yet to finalise dates and details for our 2022 quilts event. Please check back.

Unfortunately we have decided not to hold this year's 'Quilts in Cae Hir'.  Please scroll down for more information on what would  have been this year's event and some past winners! 

An enchanting  exhibition...

...unusual, beautiful, fun

Every year during the August Bank Holiday, Cae Hir Gardens are turned into a most unusual exhibition space - quilts sent in from around Wales and beyond hang out in the fresh air, tickled by the breeze, kissed by the sun and yes, sometimes washed by a shower of rain.

The many colours of these beautiful works of art and craftsmanship glisten and explode as they catch the sun from different angles and come alive in the gentle Welsh wind. Amid the rustle of leaves, the vibrant shades of late summer flowers, the birdsong and the buzz of the insects it is truly an enchanting, captivating exhibition.

An added element of fun to what is a very relaxed, joyful event is that all visitors are able to choose their three favourites in both categories (see below), resulting in much discussion and debate between friends and family members as they enjoy some retail therapy in the marquee or something delicious from the tearoom! The visitors choice top 3 (both categories) are then awarded some wonderful prizes.

Quilts in Cae Hir 2021, what you need to know...

The Open Competition

Quilts in Cae Hir is intended to be a fun, relaxed event without too many rules, which is why we have our 'Open Competition' where anything goes. Any size*, any shape, any style. Hand or machine pieced, appliqued, embroidered or quilted. You may have made your quilt years ago or recently - it doesn't matter! Maybe your aunt or grandmother made a quilt which has been sitting in the bottom of your wardrobe or in the attic for years - why not give it the light of day, an airing (quite literally!), some well deserved attention?! You may be a novice and a little nervous to show off your hard work - don't be! At Quilts in Cae Hir you can hang your quilt without fear of harsh judgement, just simple appreciation for your hard work. 

*Up to a 6' (72") drop, as hanging anything bigger in the garden can be problematic!

The Themed  Small Quilt Competition

We know that some quilters enjoy working to a theme - it gets their inspiration flowing. If you are one of those then this is the competition for you! The only rule is to keep the quilt no larger than 2' x 2'. 

The theme for 2021 is 'Eisteddfod', in celebration of the Welsh National Eisteddfod taking place in our local town of Tregaron in 2021 (also postponed from 2020). You can choose any Eisteddfod as inspiration - the Urdd Eisteddfod, The National Eisteddfod, The Llangollen International Eisteddfod, your local school or community eisteddfod or even the infamous 'Eisteddfod Dwl' enjoyed in community halls across Wales.

Think poetry, singing, national costumes, history, traditions, Welsh language, Hedd Wyn, the chairing ceremony, the 'Maes'...

2019 results...

Open Competition winners:


'Dream Big'

by Helen Burnham

“I’ve been able to quilt along a marked line for some time but am trying to improve my skills in unmarked patterns and ruler work. The Dream Big panel is a great practice piece for these skills (though some marking was involved).

Longarm quilted (domestic)


'When in doubt add 20 more colours!'

by Jane Nicholls

“I’ve wanted to make a New York Beauty quilt for a while. I was playing on the computer and came up with this. I’m definitely in a more is more quilt phase at the moment and wanted to see how colourful I could make it.”

Machine pieced, machine quilted



by Gerda Bryant

Longarm quilted by Time Machine Quilting

“A challenging quilt to make. Quite a lot of unpicking and starting again. Too large for my domestic sewing machine to quilt but Julie of Time Machine Quilting did a fantastic job!”

Machine pieced, longarm quilted, foundation piecing, templates

Small Quilt Competition winners  (theme = 'Celebration'):


'Ruby Wedding Tree'

by Patricia Hughes

“In 2020 I celebrate my Ruby Wedding anniversary. This quilt draws inspiration from our joint love of gardening with its mix of trees and flowers. The birds remind me of how we met, when my husband was collecting insects to feed a fledgling. The hearts are symbolic of our love.”

Machine pieced, hand quilted, machine appliquéd, embroidery


'Grow Seeds, Grow'

by Jane Nicholls

“Gardening and patchwork / quilting are two of my favourite things. I wanted to join those pleasures together in recognition of what might be achieved with hope and enthusiasm.”

Machine pieced, machine quilted, hand & machine appliquéd, embroidery


'Dutch Scene'

by Gerda Bryant

“Celebrating that it is now 30 years since the Akkermans family opened Cae Hir Gardens.”

Machine pieced, machine quilted

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